Shock of the Funny gave 325 performances in New York City from 1986-1991. Founded and directed by Mike Player, the comedy theater troupe was called "Wonderful...refreshingly different!" by the New York Post. Cast members included Michael Kostroff ("The Wire") and Oscar Nunez ("The Office"). Click here for reviews.

The Shock of The Funny Show was completely improvised.

The Mad Experimental Late Show introduced new sketch and improv work.

The Happiness Tent grew from a sketch to a full-length scripted/improvised hybrid show.

Past Lives was a scripted one-act comedy (written by Mike Player) which later became an improv show.

Big Bang Theater showcased written work by company members.

Company Members throughout the years:

Director: Mike Player

Assistant Director: Deborah Maclean


Mike Player
Deborah Maclean
MaryLou Phipps-Winfrey
Leanne Littlestone
Debby Karpel
Mark Buchan
Jim Racheff
Karen Jennings

George Foltin

Michael Kostroff

John Passadino
Oscar Nunez

Elisa DeCarlo
Melissa Samuels
Diana Berry
Ralph Cole Jr.
Terry Wyche
Matt Higgins
Erik Engstrom
Catherine Verow
Joel Marks

Chris Glancy
Vinnie Pepe

Dr. Bowel: Brain Science. 

Written and Directed by Mike Player